About Me

“If you don’t pay appropriate attention to what has your attention, it will take more of your attention than it deserves.” – David Allen, author of Getting Things Done

Hi! I'm Meagan.

I’m a Director of Operations and Vetted ClickUp Consultant. I help small businesses and agencies with the back end of their businesses – streamlining and creating processes and standard operating procedures, automating repetitive tasks, and breaking big visions down into focused, manageable tasks. I do this using my favorite productivity tool – ClickUp!


Not only am I a ClickUp expert, but I’m also an avid user of ClickUp myself; I use it to manage my children’s homeschooling and our home renovation projects. I also love experimenting in ClickUp, building templates and dashboards, and testing out the nonstop new features.

With my expertise in operations and project management and my background in research and education, you can be sure that working with me will have your business running more smoothly so that you’ll have more time to spend on the money-making activities. Operations aren’t your thing – but they’re definitely mine!

I apply my love for strategy, planning and project management to every aspect of my life. It’s what gets me (and my kids) up in the morning and literally what puts me to bed at night (I’m a stickler for nighttime routines). And I’m always searching for ways to optimize that bedtime routine!
I’m a New Jersey-born obsessive researcher, avid reader, infovore, homemade matcha tea latte with oatmilk lover, lifelong learner, and homeschooling mother of 3 living in Pennsylvania. 
“I can’t say enough about how Meagan has helped me grow my business! Her professionalism and creativity are outstanding. She stands by her commitments AND goes the extra yard. She’s become an integral member of my team whose truly ‘got my back’ - As Meagan’s learned about my business, she often brings fresh ideas to the table regarding work others are doing in the industry. I feel like she’s invested in my success, and I’m sure she takes the same approach with all her clients. I highly recommend her!”
Cathy Abreu
CEO, Navita Health Advocates

New Leaf Digital's Values

We value purposeful and strategic action. This is action that makes an impact – and we want to make an impact with everything that we do.
We value a growth mindset. Overcoming challenges with grace, committing to growing 1% every day, and being full of curiosity not only affects our own business but the lives of those around us.
We value diversity and think people matter. We firmly believe that different people were created for the reason of interacting with each other and sharing knowledge. We commit to hiring a diverse team, working with diverse clientele, and creating offers and products for diverse groups. We interact in a respectful and relational way with others.
We value modest and practical action. We commit to being active on social media in our own way and to break barriers and disrupt the prevailing practices regarding social media for women in business.
We value faith and legacy. Our intention is to create a business which will become a legacy and make an impact regarding issues that are important to us – economic equity, equitable access to technology, universal health care, and environmental preservation.