Scale and manage

your unique business with the efficient
All-In-One ClickUp setup

Start using a system to manage all your work in one place and stop keeping track of everything in your head.

Female entrepreneur and business owner looks at ClickUp and tech software tools while working from home

The truth is... scaling your business requires more attention than you can give it.

So many female business owners feel like they are running in circles

Overwhelmed with balancing the success of a business, developing a team, and creating the best client experience.

All while raising a family and pursuing other life dreams.

business efficiency with ClickUp

It's no wonder you're in a constant state of overwhelm...struggling to keep up!

I see you… you’ve given it your best. 

But you continue to feel stuck in a maze because you’re managing it all with a running to-do list in your head.

You, my friend, need an efficient system you can trust and an All-In-One organizational tool that takes the thinking and confusion out of running the back end of your business.

"This is mind-blowing! This is exactly what I need to get my act together!"
Dr. Samantha Graber
Unraveling Together

Create a unique, strategic, and growth-oriented system in ClickUp so that you can manage everything in one place

So you can:

ClickUp setup
Vetted clickUp consultant

Hey! I'm Meagan

I'm a vetted ClickUp Consultant and Certified Director of Operations and I love helping women-owned businesses create simple systems in ClickUp so that they can scale faster and save time and money. I've helped many businesses streamline their operations which has resulted in them increasing their revenue and working more productively. My superpower is strategic systems thinking and I'm here to help you systematize the back end of your business in ClickUp.

Say hello to your new efficient and streamlined All-In-One business management system

Go from Fires to Freedom with...

the efficient All-In-One ClickUp setup

that supports your unique scaling business

by working with a Vetted ClickUp Consultant and Certified Director of Operations

 who will create a strategic ClickUp workspace (command center) unique to your business vision, goals, and values so that you are primed for business growth.

"Working with Meagan has helped our business use Clickup with a lot more confidence. She came on right at the start of us setting up our account and feeling overwhelmed. She came in and helped support us as we built things out and now the team feels like the overwhelm is gone"
Jenn Sebastian
COO, Women Rocking Business

Here’s how we build your custom All-In-One ClickUp workspace in three simple steps

Assess + Clarify

Inside our 90-minute kickoff call we get clear on your business goals and identify the three processes you need to set up in ClickUp for a more streamlined business and efficient team. So you feel less overwhelmed.

Build Your Workspace

After our call – I do the heavy lifting – using the exact method I’ve used to set up dozens of ClickUp workspaces. You will obtain a customized and efficient organizational tool that supports your scaling business. The best part? Your workspace will be ready in a day so you can get started using it right away!

Make It Click™

Once your ecosystem is ready. I shorten the ClickUp learning curve for you and your team with my customized, strategic, and holistic program of three 1:1 workshops and an extended support period so you and your team become confident and capable ClickUp users.

What's Included

Fires to Freedom is a three step transformational experience that includes:

Your total investment for this experience is...

Starting at $4000 with full and flexible payments plans available

Ready to grow your business?

Once we're done, you will have the freedom to step away from your business knowing that your team and business can run without you.

“I can’t say enough about how Meagan has helped me grow my business! Her professionalism and creativity are outstanding. She stands by her commitments AND goes the extra yard. She’s become an integral member of my team who truly ‘has my back.’ I feel like she’s invested in my success, and I’m sure she takes the same approach with all her clients. I highly recommend her!”
Cathy Abreu
Navita Health Advocates

Fires to Freedom is right for you if

You’re a mission-driven female business owner who

Woman using tools for online business

Say hello to your efficient ClickUp business management system

Start using an All-In-One organizational system to manage your business, team, and projects all in one place.

Leave behind the constant feeling of overwhelm and putting out fires left and right. Imagine waking up in the morning and not feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. You know exactly what to do with your strategic objectives outlined for you and have easy access to all the resources you need in your All-In-One ClickUp setup – All Rights Reserved – Terms & Conditions