50 Tasks to Assign to Your Team Free ClickUp Template

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Save time - and money

This free ClickUp list template will provide you with 50 different tasks to assign to your team – your VA, your video editor, your content writer, and more. 

The best news? You can use this on the Free Forever plan! 

Save time – and money – with this ClickUp list template of 50 Tasks to Assign to Your VA for Free. 

Get back to those money making tasks that only you can do and assign these to your VA. You’ll no longer being doing the tasks that you shouldn’t and she’ll be thrilled with all the tasks ready for her to complete.

 Are you having trouble figuring out what tasks to assign to your VA?

After the 3-4 obvious ones (like cleaning up those 12,495 emails in your inbox, yikes!) you’re stuck. 

This ClickUp list template will provide you with 50 different tasks to assign to your team – your VA, your video editor, your content writer, and more. 

The best news? You can use this on the Free Forever plan! 

50 Tasks to Assign to Your Team Free ClickUp Template

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Staci Hauschild

Certified Director of Operations and Vetted ClickUp Consultant

If you're looking for systems support and tech management, you need Meagan in your business! She is an absolute genius, and her ability to tackle new systems, apps, and tech with ease is admirable. Plus, she makes my life so much easier - I can't thank her enough! Without a doubt, Meagan will always be my go-to for all things tech because she stays on top of trends, and I can always count on her to recommend the best tools for my needs.

"Meagan is an absolute delight and a Clickup whiz! I consider myself pretty adept with the platform and even help colleagues get theirs setup, but I knew I could trust her knowledge and experience. I wasn't disappointed! I have some complex processes within my business, but she was able to walk me through a number of options to solve a few hang-ups I was having with streamlining. I would highly recommend her for anything Clickup, hands down! You won't regret it."

Alana Henry

The Writique

Annie Aldridge

Virtual Interior Design Assistant

"I was so excited to find Meagan and have the chance to work with her one on one! She helped me develop my ClickUp structure into a much more diverse and inclusive template. I am now able to focus more time on getting the work done vs. how to get the work done. My efficiency has vastly improved. Meagan is very knowledgeable and helpful, I look forward to working with her more in the future."

Portrait of attractive curly woman in beautiful necklace working in office. Copyspace
"I've learnt a ton and was always impressed by how much you know about the tool and how quickly you were always able to find solutions."​​
Oxana Romanyuk
Remote Rockstars
"Meagan shortened my learning curve while deciding how to structure my ClickUp hierarchy."
Sue Mariano
Quickbooks Pro Advisor​
"Working with Meagan was like being given a flashlight in a dark maze."
Meighan O'Toole
We have been using Meagan’s services for a [nonprofit] project for several months and she has gone above and beyond our expectations.
Meagan was able to take our existing information, help us reformulate it for ClickUp and while doing that increased our efficiency as a team.
Payroll Solutions Plus
Meagan helped us set up effective internal & external reporting dashboards - which were part of the reason we switched to ClickUp in the first place!
Constellation Marketing

Jenna McMullan-Freedman

Constellation Marketing

"Meagan quickly grasped our needs, then showed us a variety of reporting options and helped us understand the pros & cons of each, how to set it up, etc. Working with Meagan also gave us a better understanding of settings and notifications in ClickUp and allowed us to set up views that were much easier for our team. We'll definitely be going back to her with any questions that arise in the future!

“I can’t say enough about how Meagan has helped me grow my business! Her professionalism and creativity are outstanding. She stands by her commitments AND goes the extra yard. She’s become an integral member of my team whose truly ‘got my back’ - As Meagan’s learned about my business, she often brings fresh ideas to the table regarding work others are doing in the industry. I feel like she’s invested in my success, and I’m sure she takes the same approach with all her clients. I highly recommend her!”

Cathy Abreu

Navita Health Advocates

Alexis Perry

Mountain Cane Media

"The ClickUp Data Driven Dashboards Workshop helped me to take a look at the data that my business was creating in my day-to-day operations and use that to aid in my decision making process. I have started tagging my internal processes based on Meagan's teachings and can't wait to see this data next quarter in my dashboards. I'll be attending your next workshop Meagan! Thank you!"