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Work more efficiently with ClickUp (and other tools) while focusing on growing your business. Systems give you more time for what matters.


For women like you who wear all the hats and are ready to scale your business, get things done, and build a legacy for your family. 

Simplify your business and improve productivity. We'll make your business smooth and easy to manage ✨. You'll experience less stress, save money, and have time for what truly matters 🫶🏼.

You started your business because you wanted the freedom to live your life and pursue your passions. But instead you're overwhelmed due to disorganized systems, leading to frustration and inefficiency.

Together we'll break down your big vision into simple and repeatable systems so that you make a bigger impact with more freedom and less fires. 💫

New Leaf Digital sets you up for a simpler business, giving you:

One place for everything in your business

Streamlined communications

A path to grow and scale with ease

Specializing in ClickUp solutions for busy women, female entrepreneurs, accountants, and small businesses, I’ll meet you where you’re at and take you to the next level of organization and systemization – and growth. 



Get fast answers to your burning ClickUp questions from a Verified+ ClickUp Consultant.

ClickUp Consulting helps you simplify your daily tasks and big projects and make better use of all ClickUp’s features. 

ClickUp Setup

Transform your cluttered workflow into a streamlined, efficient system with personalized guidance, expert configuration, and hands-on-training which takes the guesswork out of ClickUp, making it work for you, not against you.

Audit + Implementation

A detailed audit service designed to pinpoint inefficiencies, simplify your workflow, and fine tune your setup for peak performance. Gain clear, practical advice and adjustments tailored to ensure ClickUp becomes the effective, central tool your business relies on.

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Hey, I'm Meagan! 👋🏼

Welcome! I’m Meagan Beltekoglu, founder of New Leaf Digital and The ClickUp Shop. I’m a Verified+ ClickUp consultant and Certified Director of Operations with over four years of experience. Unlike other consultants, I focus solely on ClickUp and tools that work well with it. 

I’m also the Operations Director of a non-profit in PA and NJ and homeschooling mom of three.

My mission is to help multi-passionate women like you simplify and innovate with expert strategies, systems, and solutions. 

With a focus on ClickUp and more, I provide the tools and support you need to streamline your operations so that you can grow your business. 

Let me help you build a business that runs so smoothly that you can sleep soundly again 💆🏻‍♀️ – and actually enjoy your vacations. 🗺️

P.S. This isn't me. I don't share photos online, but I promise I'm a real person!

"Switching to ClickUp was a huge transition for me. I nearly gave up several times. Meagan gave me a space to share those frustration and then walked me through it."

Kimberly Horton
Interior Designer

Get Results with New Leaf Digital

New Leaf Digital has a proven track record of getting results for women just like you. Our clients experience less stress, save money, and free up their time for what truly matters.

Streamlined Communication

Is your communication a mess? Slack, Teams, emails, text, DMs, portals, and more? 90% of my clients report streamlined communication after working together.

Time Saved

Manual work costs time. Every extra click you take costs time. And in time is money. Save time with templates and automations in ClickUp, like 67% of my consulting clients have.

More Efficiency

More efficient processes can bring in more money, free up more time, and help you scale your business. 55% of clients report more efficiency in their business after working together.

Free ClickUp Template: 50 Tasks to Assign to Your Team

Looking for a way to simplify your daily tasks and big projects? Grab my ClickUp template and quickly assign 50 different tasks to your team.

Whether you have a virtual assistant, a video editor, or a content writer, this template has you covered.

Don’t have a team (yet)? Use this template to prepare for the growth ahead. 

And the best part? It can be used on the Free Forever plan.

clickup template

Ready to reclaim your time and transform your business chaos into clarity?

Take the first step towards streamlined success and let’s make your systems work for you – not against you.