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ClickUp Consulting + Coaching

ClickUp doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Let’s improve your ClickUp workspace so that you can finally make ClickUp work for you.

Book a session with Meagan, Verified+ ClickUp Consultant and Certified Director of Operations with over 4 years of ClickUp experience, to solve your ClickUp problems. 

A 50 minute session, live walk through and implementation together, searchable recording, summary of top points of call. This is my most popular service and a great starting point. Packages available for those interested in working through processes or setting up or optimizing more complicated workflows. 

A sample of the ClickUp questions I can help you with:

ClickUp Setup + Optimization

ClickUp Setup the easy way – using my over four years of experience as a ClickUp Consultant plus your expertise, I’ll create a customized workspace for you, train you on how to use it, and provide you support as you get used to it. 

Already have a ClickUp workplace, but it’s become bloated and hard to use? I’ll audit and then optimize your workspace for you. 

Pricing starts at $2000 with flexible and no-interest payment plans available for all clients. 

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Strategy + Solutions Audit

Set yourself up for success with a customized plan for your business systems. Streamline operations, boost productivity, and maximize efficiency in a way that works for you. 

This 60 minute strategy + solutions intensive includes the searchable recording and a customized plan for your business. Need more help after this? I’ve got you! Plus – book another service with me and receive a credit for this service.

Potential Strategy + Solution Session Topics

You're ready for more in your business


You feel overwhelmed, unproductive, and like you’re getting nowhere due to your lack of structure and inconsistency. All this can be fixed with some simple strategy and solutions. 

You dream of a streamlined and efficient business – and a streamlined and efficient business leads to growth. It’s time to give the back end of your business the attention it deserves so that you can make sales in your sleep, roll out new projects at the click of a button, and wow your team with your leadership. Transform your business into what you’ve always imagined – a business that leaves a lasting legacy. 

Businesses We Work With:

New Leaf Digital gets results for women like you!

Meagan, I couldn't have done this project without you! I appreciate your ability to understand project management, business operations, and ClickUp because you knew how to take what I needed to do and apply it in the most efficient way possible in the system... and teach me how to use it
Amber Glus
Operations strategist
Meagan has been a huge asset to establishing and growing my business, and then helping me take it to the next level. Not only does she understand the big picture strategy, she has a real, practical, and actually implementable approach to how she works with her clients. Working with her has been one of the best investments I've made so far in my business.
Katie Jamieson
CEO and Travel Advisor
My ClickUp was a hot mess before I met Meagan. She patiently helped me take charge of my processes so I don't wake up panicking about my to-do list anymore. She helped me automate my lead process, systemize my onboarding process, and clean up my monthly task list.
Kayla James

50 Tasks to Assign to Your Team Free ClickUp Template

ClickUp list template for delegating to virtual assistant

Save time - and money

This free ClickUp list template will provide you with 50 different tasks to assign to your team – your VA, your video editor, your content writer, and more. 

Don’t have a team? No worries – just assign the tasks to yourself or tag them for your future team member. 

The best news? You can use this on the Free Forever plan! 

Get the plans you need now with top-notch support to back you up.

Neurodivergent Accessibility

To create the most comfortable working
environment for you.
Zoom cameras off? Prefer email
communications? Let me know your specific needs and I’ll support them.

Flexible Scheduling

To give you power over your time.
Want to meet just once a month? Or do you need more accountability? I’m here
to work within your schedule.

Interest-Free Payment Plans

To put the services you need within reach.

Financial accessibility is a core value of
New Leaf Digital. Just ask!

The Woman Behind New Leaf Digital

Welcome! My name is Meagan. I’m the owner of New Leaf Digital, Certified Director of Operations, Verified+ ClickUp consultant, and homeschooling mom of three.

I apply my love of operations, planning, and project
management to every aspect of my life. It’s what gets me and my kids up in the morning and what puts me to bed at night (I’m a stickler for nighttime routines).

I’m here to share my wealth of experience in balancing
life’s competing priorities. Let my expertise in tech tools, systems creation, and automations be your guide!

You started your business because you wanted the freedom to live your life and pursue your passions

Maybe to make the world a better place. 

All it takes is forward momentum.