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Miro for process mapping

Discover How to Use Miro and ClickUp for Process Mapping

Miro, an online visual collaboration platform for teamwork, can be extremely helpful in the task of process mapping. Whether or not your processes are fully mapped out or you are brand new to the art of process mapping, there’s certain to be a template in Miro that is useful to you and your team. In

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ClickUp for OBMs: How to Easily Manage your Business in ClickUp

Many Online Business Managers (OBMs) use ClickUp not only to manage their own businesses and teams but also to manage their clients’ businesses. It’s a great tool to use to not only keep track of your own internal business tasks but also to manage your client work. This article will focus on how OBMs can

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How To Store Client and Team Meeting Notes In ClickUp

As a vetted ClickUp Consultant, many of my clients come to me for help with improving their note-taking process. They attend a variety of meetings – team meetings and client meetings – and they do not have a note-taking system that works. They have scraps of paper with notes and Google Docs with notes. This

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How to Add Advanced Automations to ClickUp Forms

ClickUp forms are the most efficient way to communicate with clients. We have already discussed how you can use forms for hiring. This article will show you how to create a form with advanced ClickUp automations. As a vetted ClickUp Consultant, I frequently help my clients created advanced automated forms. This is great for when

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Enhance Communication in ClickUp with Emojis 😍

Did you know that you can enhance your communication in ClickUp in a simple way that is fun, efficient, and useful?🧐 Yes, you guessed it right — through emojis!👏 There are many ways in which you can use emojis in ClickUp to help communicate in a light-hearted yet effective way. As a vetted ClickUp Consultant,

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Using a ClickUp Form to Hire a VA

Google Forms is probably the most popular form builder out there. It’s free, pretty easy to use, and integrates perfectly with Sheets. From work requests to job applications, you can make a Google Form for almost any situation. But, when you want to track something in your project management tool, you don’t want it to

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“I can’t say enough about how Meagan has helped me grow my business! Her professionalism and creativity are outstanding. She stands by her commitments AND goes the extra yard. She’s become an integral member of my team whose truly ‘got my back’ - As Meagan’s learned about my business, she often brings fresh ideas to the table regarding work others are doing in the industry. I feel like she’s invested in my success, and I’m sure she takes the same approach with all her clients. I highly recommend her!”
Cathy Abreu
CEO, Navita Health Advocates