Discover How to Use Miro and ClickUp for Process Mapping

Miro, an online visual collaboration platform for teamwork, can be extremely helpful in the task of process mapping. Whether or not your processes are fully mapped out or you are brand new to the art of process mapping, there’s certain to be a template in Miro that is useful to you and your team.

In my business, I often help my clients document and improve their processes and Miro is a great tool to visually document those processes and look for opportunities to streamline. Even my clients who already have their processes documented and fleshed out always have some bottlenecks or could use some more streamlining or optimization. 

I even like to use Miro for my own projects. For example, the figure below displays my own process that I was trying to work through. It indicates how I was going to set up a form that contained conditional logic. So I really wanted to think through how the form should be set up in order to get the best data and submissions from it and this is what I set up using Miro and its flowchart template.

process mapping in Miro

It takes me through a series of steps. Diamonds indicate that there is a decision to be made. I use the post-it notes to create the additional notes that I want to include such as what personal information I need to collect, when I want the COVID disclaimer to be on the form, when I want to give an opportunity for them to make a donation, and the display of the discounted rates.

Miro is a great tool to visually document processes and look for opportunities to streamline.

Flowchart Of Team’s Onboarding Process

Here is a map of a team’s onboarding process. Here you can trace different decisions taken after somebody accepts the offer such as, if they are going to be a full-time employee or a contractor, are they overseas and what needs to be sent to them if they are, and general decisions such as what are you going to do and when are you going to send it.

Miro (+ ClickUp)

Hierarchy Map

You could also use the hierarchy map to create an organizational design chart for your business. This is a great way to see where you have the opportunity to grow your team, horizontally or vertically.

Website Wireframe

You can also use Miro to wireframe your website:

Miro (+ ClickUp)

3×3 Prioritization Method

This is a great way to determine what projects you have the current capacity to take on and if there is any particular project that needs to be prioritized. Here, each post-it note indicates a project and you determine its impact—whether it is low, medium, and how much effort it all entails. This helps you determine what you are going to work on. 

Miro (+ ClickUp)

Variety Of Templates

Miro has a wide variety of templates. Under Building Blocks, you find various templates such as Kanban Framework, Mind Map, Quick Retrospective, More Prioritization Processes, Workflow, and many more. You can choose from many other use cases such as Meetings & Workshops, Brainstorming & Ideation, Agile Workflows, Mapping & Diagramming, Research & Design, and Strategy & Planning. Miro also has a presentation mode. You can share the screen with your team members while you are on a call. 

Miro + ClickUp

Another cool thing that Miro has made possible is that if you wish to reference a Miro board in ClickUp, all you need to do is type ‘/Miro’ and you can directly integrate the Miro board in the comments or task description in ClickUp and it will be easily accessible to your team. Use Miro to map out your decision processes and share the same with your team members to avoid any miscommunication and streamline the decision-making processes. 

Mapping out processes visually is one of my favorite things to do with my clients. I do this for my operations clients as well as my ClickUp clients who need help mapping out their ClickUp build out or need to restructure. If you need help with this, please contact me today!

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