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New Leaf Digital gives multi-passionate women expert strategies, systems, and solutions with ClickUp (and more) to simplify, systemize, and innovate

For women like you who wear all the hats and are ready to scale your business, get things done, and build a legacy for your family. 


Thanks to planning and prioritization, a way to see what’s going on in your business, and strategy. Stop doing all the things. Spend more time on what matters.


Your team will thank you. And you’ll feel less frazzled now that you know what you need to do each day and aren’t wasting time digging through emails. 


so that you feel confident that you can do what’s important to you. Make more of an impact through strategic prioritization.

You're ready for more in your business


You feel overwhelmed, unproductive, and like you’re getting nowhere due to your lack of structure and inconsistency. All this can be fixed with some simple strategy and solutions. 

You dream of a streamlined and efficient business – and a streamlined and efficient business leads to growth. It’s time to give the back end of your business the attention it deserves so that you can make sales in your sleep, roll out new projects at the click of a button, and wow your team with your leadership. Transform your business into what you’ve always imagined – a business that leaves a lasting legacy of social impact. 

New Leaf Digital sets you up for a simpler business, giving you:

Easy overview of your priorities, projects, and tasks

Streamlined communications

Strategic and automated systems that increase efficiency

New Leaf Digital's Signature Services

I’ll meet you where you’re at and take you to the next level of organization and systemization – and growth. 

ClickUp Consulting

Get answers to your burning ClickUp questions from a Verified+ ClickUp Consultant plus a plan to implement them. 

To help you simplify your daily tasks and big projects and help you make better use of all ClickUp’s features. 

Strategy + Solutions Session

A deep and holistic look into your business’s services, systems, communications, and efficiency – and a custom action plan for you to focus on the big things. Need more help after this? I’ve got you.

With simple systems you’ll have more time to change the world. 

New Leaf Digital gets results for women like you!

Meagan is phenomenal. Switching to ClickUp was a huge transition for me and because the system is so robust, it came with a lot of frustration. I nearly gave up several times. Meagan gave me a space to share those frustrations and then walk me through it. She was incredibly patient, understanding, knowledgeable and just overall a kind person. She'll pulled together exactly what I needed and I'm so thankful to have found her! 10 out of 10 would highly recommend!
Kimberly Horton
Interior Designer
Meagan at New Leaf Digital gave me renewed focus, energized my purpose, and set me on a path toward realizing my freelance dreams. As a new business owner, I’ve been testing every productivity tool out there. I know that I don’t have the time to figure out the endless options and features. Sometimes you just need to speak with an expert who can pick the right direction for you and inspire fresh ways of thinking about goals and workflows!
Katherine Jackson
Copywriter, Copywriting by Kat
I can’t say enough about how Meagan has helped me grow my business! Her professionalism and creativity are outstanding. She stands by her commitments AND goes the extra yard. She’s become an integral member of my team whose truly got my back. As Meagan’s learned about my business, she often brings fresh ideas to the table regarding work others are doing in the industry. I feel like she’s invested in my success.
Cathy Abreu
Board Certified Patient Advocate, Navita Health

50 Tasks to Assign to Your Team Free ClickUp Template

clickup template

Save time - and money

This free ClickUp list template will provide you with 50 different tasks to assign to your team – your VA, your video editor, your content writer, and more. 

The best news? You can use this on the Free Forever plan! 

Get the help you need now with top-notch support to back you up.​

Neurodivergent Accessibility

To create the most comfortable working environment for you. Zoom cameras off? Prefer email communications? Let me know your specific needs and I’ll support them.

Flexible Scheduling

To give you power over your time. Want to meet just once a month? Or do you need more accountability? I’m here to work within your schedule.

Interest-Free Payment Plans

To put the services you need within reach. Financial accessibility is a core value of New Leaf Digital. Just ask!

Resources and Tips

I'll share all my systems and tech tips and help you make changes that simplify your business.

The Woman Behind New Leaf Digital

Welcome! I’m Meagan, owner of New Leaf Digital, Certified Director of Operations, Verified+ ClickUp consultant, and homeschooling mom of three.

I apply my love of operations, planning, and project
management to every aspect of my life. It’s what gets me and my kids up in the morning and what puts me to bed at night (I’m a stickler for nighttime routines).

I’m here to share my wealth of experience in balancing
life’s competing priorities. Let my expertise in tech tools, systems creation, and processes be your guide!


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You started your business because you wanted the freedom to live your life and pursue your passions.

Maybe to make the world a better place. 

All it takes is forward momentum.